Your guide to the Michigan Great Lakes' ports. Featuring: City Tours, Historical Information, NOAA Charts, Area Attractions, Points of Interest, Folklore, Calendar of Events, Hotels, Restaurants, Golf Courses, Casinos, Tackle Shops, Marinas, Marine Services, local shops and much more!

"What's There":Touring the Great Lakes

Did you ever want to tour the Michigan coastline and have a hard time finding the information you needed? If you're like most of today's informed travelers, before you leave the house you want to know where you're going to stay, where you're going to eat, what attractions you want to see, where are the casinos, and where can I rent that jet ski? Finding all this information in the past easily was a problem, which is why we built "What's There": Touring the Great Lakes.

In the past, finding information for many different communities was an all day affair. Sure the Internet made it easier, but you still had to look up many different Chambers of Commerce, or visitor bureaus. "What's There" has simplified the search for information. On this site you can find information on all ports located along the Michigan shoreline. With more than 1000 pages of information, we are sure to have what you need. "What's There" has been written in a user-friendly format, featuring area tours, historical tours, points of interest, folklore, NOAA charts and local businesses.

Another nice feature of "What's There" is that on this program you can see actual photos of the areas, attractions and businesses. No more guessing, no more being fooled by flowery statements. You will see "What's There" and like they say in that old cliche, "A picture is worth a thousand words"!

With over 100 keywords, "What's There" can be easily located in many of the Internet search engines. For instance if you go to the Yahoo Search engine and type in Traverse City Hotels, "What's There" will be listed as #13 on the first page, or try "Mackinaw City casinos" we are listed as #6 on the first page of the search. You will find similar results with the keywords, names of the ports, casinos, hotels and restaurants throughout Yahoo and other search engines. Or you may just type in our address

However you locate us, once you're here, I'm sure you will enjoy the site just like thousands of other travelers do everyday.